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Today’s market calls for a different kind of Managed Service Provider. One that takes into account your company’s unique identity and position in your market.  One that can deliver sustainable competitive advantage through secure technology innovation, process automation and Business Intelligence, enabling you to focus on your businesses future.


Our depth of experience in supporting healthcare and regulated industries for nearly thirty years puts Amicus ITS at the vanguard of IT and technology support capabilities for these markets.

We are specialists in providing 360 degree data security management and offering ‘always on’ 24x365 services.  To ensure we can keep your information safe and your business in good health, we keep astride of technological advances as they develop.  We spend time to think carefully about the right agnostic solutions for you and align these with your commercial strategies today - and as you grow or change in the future.


With our accreditations, regulatory framework, depth of experience, forward thinking and passion for technology we are well placed to safeguard your organisation and stakeholders’ interests at all times.

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Our services - 24x365 Technical support

Amicus ITS is very serious about its role in managing your information safely, intelligently and proactively. You need someone who is looking out for you 24x365 – even when you didn’t know you needed help.  Our passion for technology motivates intelligent support services to keep you and your customers’ data safe and secure at all times.


Using Amicus ITS, your workforce can access your data however you wish, on whatever device, wherever your employees are located - and at whatever time of day you choose, 24x365.  We can offer such high levels of assurance because we follow strict governance and compliance processes and procedures which link our business practices to delivering your service.  So whether you are dealing with our UK technical Service Desk, or our proactive network management centre, utilising our data backup services or our advanced security measures – you know your information is safe in our hands.


We believe what you deserve in a partner has changed and you should expect sustainable competitive advantage and innovation.

key services

Technical service desk

Proactive Network management


Amicus ITS offers a customer centric and personable UK based 24x365 technical Service Desk of trained analysts and technical specialists who are backed up by our hands-on Service Delivery Managers.  The Desk provides a highly effective single point of contact for our customers and work as an extension to their in-house team, ensuring a safe pair of hands at all times no matter where our customers may be around the world.  Our service includes technical and hierarchical escalation up to Director on Call level 24x365, so you will always be assured to have the highest level of focus from our company. The Service Desk have qualifications which extend across ITIL, Comptia A+, Comptia N+, Microsoft accreditation, CCNA as a minimum.  We treat all support routes (telephone, email and web) with the utmost professionalism, recognising that at any time an issue could be life critical or business critical.

Your systems don’t sleep so why should we?  Amicus ITS runs our Network Operations Centre 24x365, we believe it is imperative to have proactive monitoring and management of your data assets and whole IT environment (where data’s coming from and going to) at all times.  At Amicus ITS we are very proactive in managing our customer’s IT infrastructure and we believe 97% of issues can be resolved remotely if managed intelligently.  Our teams of trained technicians constantly review your estate and liaise closely with our 24x365 technical Service Desk to keep your systems running.  With our integrated data security end point management software, constant patching and advanced firewall systems, you can be assured that any trouble, whether an infrastructure issue or faced with a cyber attack, will be identified quickly and dealt with promptly and with minimum impact.

We are focused on business outcomes.   With our security based approach to data and information management for healthcare and regulated industries, we ensure that whatever your business, and whoever your customers are, we will be working 24x365 to keep your data secure.   Your IT estate is monitored and managed to meet your business requirements, whether they are life critical or mission critical. We provide certified, expert professionals and employ today’s leading IT security solutions to protect your data and ensure compliance is maintained.   Whether inside your company’s perimeter, where process, procedure and knowledge inform your Board, or emanating from outside your control we monitor the Dark Web and social media for you, to have your back covered.

Data Backup & Replication



In the event disaster strikes, you and your organisation will be under pressure to get business critical systems back up and running, fast.  We design, implement and manage enterprise Cloud Backup whilst ensuring Data Protection using Backup & Replication technologies.  These are supported by certified engineers, serving both the public and private sectors. Our customers’ primary data resides within IL3, ISO 27001, BS 25999 and ISO 9001 accredited facilities.  Our range of solutions are supported by the world’s leading edge providers, who with us, focus on protecting your organisation’s data and supporting your recovery - whilst ensuring that your data is easily available, as and when you require it.

As modern enterprises continue to become evermore reliant on their technology environment and applications, the need for defined, actionable and practised Business Continuity plans and strategy is more important than ever.


Whether you need a simple backup and recovery solution to quickly recover and restore your business critical servers and databases in the event of a disaster; a management solution to ensure the security of sensitive information stored on mobile devices; or a complete Business Continuity strategy - our specialist teams are on hand to help you define, design and implement the most effective Business Continuity solution for your organisation.

Gartner forecast in 2013 that cloud computing would become the bulk of IT spend by 2016.  The latest surveys indicate that adoption has speeded up across enterprise and healthcare, as a lack of technical resource and expertise has become a principle challenge for all organisations.  With on-premise, off-premise and hybrid solutions available, cloud has proven itself to be highly agile, scalable, flexible and secure.  Having your cloud solutions managed by Amicus ITS with our secure connections, means that whether you are in healthcare using N3 connectivity and Azure, or a regulated industry - you get the benefit of our exceptional SLA availability to keep your information secure 24x365 and your business running.


anytime, any place, any device & IOT

consultancy & Professional services

Connected colleagues expect more.  Amicus ITS are here to deliver intelligent and seamless information, securely, for your organisation.   With today’s focused mobile workforce and variety of corporate devices in use, it is essential for business to maintain control over who has access to its data whatever the type of device.  Smart technologies and device innovation continue to drive the hunger of employees to use ever more portable and powerful devices to use the information they need.  However, it is our role as a smart information security manager to empower your company and your employees to continue to enjoy delivery of content without interruption.  Working with Amicus ITS will also ensure you can thwart the increasing and constant threat of unauthorised access and hacking.

Your staff no longer need to be tied to a location, device or indeed time zone.   Your business can benefit from the assurance that in the face of adversity or compromise, your employees can continue to work 24x365.  The working day now revolves around a secure network,  connecting the data of your organisation to your entire workforce. The device anyone uses is no longer relevant.  IoT, or the ‘Internet of Things’, is with us today, through computing devices and smart appliances which send and receive data.  Let us help you create the best and most secure collaborative environment with full corporate management policies to let your staff add value to your organisation – wherever they are working in the world.

Amicus ITS employs a team of technical experts who are technological evangelists, ready to assist and support your organisation at every stage whether you are planning to add complementary services, or update your IT environment.  Our Sales consultants are on hand to offer best in market, agnostic IT solutions to suit your organisation’s needs and strategies.  They are backed by our certified technical consultants and design authority teams to translate your wishes into tested reality.

governance & compliance


Every organisation faces increasing regulatory and compliance demands.  At Amicus ITS these are guided by the assured hands of governance and security policies and procedures, driven by our adherence to the rigorous standards of ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and IGSOC.  In an evolving digital age, make our high standards of governance and compliance challenge your organisation to help serve your customers better.  Let us work with you to identify and optimise your processes, so you can provide better and more confidently assured services to your customers. With us you can expect more from your technology partner.

With public sector and healthcare organisations facing ever increasing budgetary pressures and demands to add value, Amicus ITS’ highly trained SQL specialist teams are able to provide fully assured SQL services to health check, monitor, manage, recommend and upgrade your SQL environments.


Through this fully managed 24x365 service, we can maintain and fine tune your databases to make them more efficient and secure - and provide peace of mind that they are fully backed up.

specialist services

thought leadership

amicus viper™


What you need in a partner has changed – expect sustainable competitive advantage and innovation linked with thought leadership.  Plenty of Managed Service Providers focus purely on the direct needs of their customers and are only reactive.  With little time to step back and analyse what is happening in the industry, it is harder sometimes to be proactive.  We like to reflect on the many complexities and extraordinary opportunities that technology and data offers organisations today, as well as the risks that come from having a narrow perspective or not being prepared. At Amicus ITS we enjoy looking at the horizon to see what is coming and sift the landscape to share key issues in discussions with our customers that we believe are important or interesting.  Through our blog, forum conversations and events, we bring what we know to you in an honest exploration of the latest thinking, solutions, innovations and regulations to guide business and help inform us all in how to optimise our businesses for the future.

Threat intelligence marks the next evolution in addressing how companies can turn the tables on received and perceived threat and create order out of chaos. Amicus Viper comprises of three modules providing unique benefits and actionable cyber threat intelligence.  ‘Amicus Brand Abuse’ scours social networks, internet repositories, blogs, forums, websites and adverts, plus thoughts and trends regarding a brand, product or your organisation.  ‘Amicus Hactivism’ collects information around the technological assets of your organisation, from IPs, domains, websites and intelligence from your industry sector.  The ‘Amicus Data Leakage’ module allows you to discover whether or not your organisation’s sensitive documents or data have become publicly available anywhere on the internet.   The new world of being informed and utilising the Dark Web is here today. Make sure you are on the inside track, even when the threat is outside your control.

Security is about being ready for the expected - and turning the unexpected into a ‘when’, not a 'if'.  Being informed is central to this process.  Cyber security should not be a scare tactic.  With heavy commercial penalties and impacts on organisations which fail to protect data, this can have devastating consequences if you are not prepared.  Security accounts for only 10% of a company’s overall IT budget and there is a gulf between cyber crime awareness and security spend (only 17% of Board members believe they have full understanding of the risks).  We have designed Foxcatcher to ensure you gain the awareness, knowledge and insight you need. This, along with the processes, policies and detections required, put the right measures at the forefront of our holistic four-point plan. We inform your Board and provide you with the necessarily rigorous standards, procedures and protections to guard your organisation from within. Peace of mind, 24x7… priceless.

information management



process & compliance

Amicus ITS harnesses the data we collect from your people, processes and technology to provide you with a single view of your environment, to give you priceless management information.  By connecting these three elements our teams of skilled Service Delivery Managers help you interpret your data and environment dynamically. This supports you in making informed decisions about your IT estate and could help you with either investment decisions, change or business strategy.

Business Intelligence (BI) is the smart conjunction of process, compliance and procedure.  Pulling big data together, offers you the capacity to align disparate sources of data, people and process together.  With the vast amount of data now available to organisations we can help you to harness relevant data and find the most valuable information to help propel your business into make game-changing decisions and gain a competitive advantage.


Analytics then allows you to analyse and interrogate your data in a fast and efficient manner ie. speed to market on commercial decisions (incorporating past and future forecasting and evidence). We connect these elements, offering you the ability to gain true insight and make informed and business critical decisions.  Together this will allow you to monitor your budget and forecast more closely with full auditability and compliance.

Our services and solutions abide by industry regulations and government legislation.  With customers in the healthcare markets in both public and private sectors and services to the regulated industries sector, we are constantly challenged to perform to the highest standards.  Our Security & Compliance teams are experts around data, information and processes.  Let us assist and guide your organisation today to help you create or update your security and governance policies. We will support you through our ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 accreditation standards for industry and IGSoC standards for healthcare.

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Technology products - Hardware

Amicus ITS has a highly experienced internal team of Procurement specialists able to provide quotes, provide secure warehousing if desired from our Totton HQ and arrange delivery nationally and internationally.


Working closely with our customers, our Procurement department will obtain quotes for you from our industry leading partners, suppliers and distributors to fulfil your hardware and software needs.



• Servers, switches, routers and firewalls

• Laptops, desktops (PC and MAC)

• Notebooks, tablets

• TVs, monitors, printers


• Laptop bags and accessories

• Telephones, mobile devices and accessories

• Audiovisual devices, interactive whiteboards

• Asset tagging

• Imaging

Competitive on price, serviced by specialists


Call the Procurement team on +44 2380 429519 or email and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Don’t just listen to us, hear what others have said:

“Competitive prices, accessible company location (local enough to ensure quick delivery when necessary) and excellent customer service...”  Estee Lauder

“The Team are always happy to help, quick turnaround of quotes and orders and at a competitive pricing, first class service. ”   AXA

“Able to source wide variety of hardware and software with fast delivery to any of our sites and always at an acceptable price"  JM Finn

our hardware partners


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