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Corporate and Social Responsibility policy

Supporting our people, the environment and our local communities.


Amicus ITS has a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy which integrates into the company’s business model.


Our aim is to uphold ethical standards and values which not only show we are compliant with the law, but reflect the positive way we seek to conduct our business and engage with our staff, our customers, suppliers, the environment and our wider community sense of responsibility and motivational drivers.


Our People

Amicus ITS recognises that its staff are critical to the success of the business. Amicus ITS aims to be an employer of choice within the IT Managed Services industry, attracting, developing and encouraging the retention of the best talent. We run an annual government-approved apprenticeship scheme in conjunction with schools, colleges and other organisations as part of our strategy to nurture opportunity and personal development for personnel within the business.  This includes every apprentice sitting internationally recognised IT industry qualifications and staff receiving ongoing technical training to keep them at the forefront of IT delivery for our customers.  We recognise that engaged stakeholders are key to our success.  We aim to develop and reward staff for great performance and encourage recognition through the business.

We are committed to engaging fully with staff on a regular basis to keep them informed about company activity and plans, which helps optimise their confidence in understanding our business.  We conduct employee surveys each year and publish the results. The company also holds regular open door “ask any question” sessions with the senior management team and MD to glean direct feedback.  Town Hall sessions are held bi-annually, reporting company performance with results from all departments broadcast to staff, including Q&As at every meeting.  In addition, regular monthly newsletters are published internally and managers are encouraged to seek feedback as much as possible.


Amicus ITS HR practices and policies ensure that all employees, wherever they work, whatever their role, are treated equally, fairly and respectfully at all times and every member of staff is provided with a diversity policy and health and safety guidelines as part of a widespread  induction programme when they start work. Amicus ITS maintain consistent and transparent diversity policies.

Our Relationships

Maintaining a good relationship with our clients, suppliers and the community, forms a central tenet of our philosophy and outlook.  To our clients we are seen as a safe pair of hands, to our suppliers we are a trusted partner and to society we aim to build on relationships made in the community to be a responsible neighbour acting with integrity.


We respect our partners and clients and promote equality and recognise diversity in considering the needs of others, especially in sensitive environments when onsite at third party locations.

Our customers are faced with constantly changing technological challenges and compliance regulations.  Our ability and skills to help them adapt to meet these challenges allows us to grow our business and create value for both Amicus ITS and our customers.


A cornerstone of our work is managing risk ensuring and to do this and ensure high levels of business performance, we need to uphold the values of honesty, partnership and fairness in our relationships with all our stakeholders.  Our contracts clearly set out the agreed terms and conditions and basis of our relationship.  We operate in a way that safeguards against unfair business practices. We seek to encourage suppliers and contractors to adopt responsible business policies and practices and we register and resolve customer complaints in accordance with our standards of service.


Amicus ITS will continue to inspire trust through honesty and integrity in every aspect of our business including promoting sound business activities and management, open communication and commitment to our community.


Environmental issues come first in our business activities, so that we leave behind a healthy and clean environment for the next generation.

Reduced CO2

Amicus ITS promotes and enables remote working where possible and video conferencing across client sites and home offices to minimise car journeys and reduce carbon footprint. We also run a staff ‘cycle to work’ scheme to reduce the amount of drivers and our expenses policy financially supports those who car share.

Environmental management

We take all reasonable steps to manage our operations to reduce power, water usage and deploy office lighting efficiency systems.  We monitor waste reduction in our offices and promote paper, cardboard packaging and plastic recycling throughout the organisation.  Where we dispose of hardware, the data drives are securely destroyed and where possible (for example desktops and laptops) they are repurposed for charity use.  Our suppliers are also audited to ensure they follow best practice.  We review our business practices and performance on an annual basis or more regularly as required, to identify further ways of improving our energy efficiency.

Data centre efficiency

Our data centres seek to abide by best practice standards to measure ‘power usage effectiveness’ and save energy.

our community

We have a proud tradition of supporting our local community through a variety of different charitable and festive initiatives. This sits alongside the many fundraising events our employees get involved with throughout the year for local and national charities.


We take our social responsibility seriously; such concerns are at the heart of our business and our brand.

Our apprentices

Our ongoing Apprenticeship programme is a central part of our community commitment.


We provide training to predominantly locally recruited people through our established bespoke academy, to become proud members of the Amicus ITS Team.


This successful programme has given us award-winning talent and also helped give something back to the local community.

our charity

Amicus ITS has supported a range of local charities for many years in the Southampton area. They have mainly been healthcare oriented.


Since 2014, Amicus ITS has proudly supported a carers project for young people, Southampton Young Carers Project (SYCP).


More details about the charity can be found here >


In December 2016, the Amicus ITS Board committed to supporting SYCP, both physically and financially for a further two years.

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