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As modern enterprises continue to become evermore reliant on their technology environment and applications, the need for defined, actionable and practised Business Continuity plans and strategy is more important than ever.


Whether you need a simple backup and recovery solution to quickly recover and restore your business critical servers and databases in the event of a disaster; a management solution to ensure the security of sensitive information stored on mobile devices; or a complete Business Continuity strategy - our specialist teams are on hand to help you define, design and implement the most effective Business Continuity solution for your organisation.


The volume of complex and sensitive data being managed by healthcare and regulated industries is increasing at an exponential rate. This runs in parallel with expectations from an impatient public for no interruptions or loss of data.  It is therefore imperative to have prudent, tested safeguarding plans in place, with assured systems and procedures to underpin your sustainability and growth.


Our Business Continuity (BC) solutions with industry-leading mobile endpoint support, advanced virtual disaster recovery and anytime/anywhere recoverability across enterprise, offers a comprehensive backup solution to enable your organisation to resume business operations quickly - and with minimal or no loss of data.


Disaster Recovery (DR) is a must-have for modern business. It is imperative to ensure continued operations and rapid restoration of your critical IT systems, following either a natural or human triggered disaster.


Our specialist team of consultants will work closely with you to obtain a fundamental understanding of your entire infrastructure and operational workings.


We will advise, define, implement and manage the right tailored and cost effective Disaster Recovery plan to fit your business needs and budget.




All organisations, regardless of size, should have a rehearsed Business Continuity plan in place and be prepared to undertake ‘The Big Red Button’ test proactively.


There are no templates to simply drop into an organisation. However, by working with our Business Continuity specialists who have this knowledge and the technology solutions to match, we can provide you with real-time replication of applications and data. This will enable you, your organisation and your customers to focus on your business needs, knowing that your data and technology environment is in safe hands.


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