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who are we?

We are not just an IT Managed Services Provider.  We are the guardians of your data and technology environment, providing you with full security and the means to add value to the data you hold.


We believe what you deserve in a partner has changed and you should expect sustainable competitive advantage and innovation from us.


We provide technology support and IT holistic solutions to healthcare, regulated industries and blue chip corporates.  Amicus ITS’ true 24x365 technical Service Desk and proactive network management will safeguard you at all times.  We deliver highly flexible and agile support to manage life critical and business critical IT environments, fast.

Protecting your business as you sleep

We secure your data and as compliance managers we follow process and procedures strictly to keep your data safe at all times.


Amicus ITS supports your people, processes and technology, adding value to help you run your business.  We engender confidence by having highly skilled experts on hand around the clock.  Your systems don’t sleep, so why should we?  As your trusted partner, we want to enable you to focus on your business, whilst we protect your infrastructure and workforce wherever they are - so you can rest assured that your business is in safe hands.

tomorrow's services today

As secure data specialists, we use our experience to keep your data safe at all times.   Our secure data backup services, processes and procedures deliver fit for purpose continuity and assurance, underpinned by our security, governance and management information services, which enables you to look back with confidence.


We look to your horizon using our business intelligence services, helping you with the information you need to run your business today.


We support you with tomorrow’s services today, going above and beyond any standard Managed Services Provider.


There is so much information on the web and across international news about cyber attacks that it can sometimes feel overwhelming.


Stripping out the truth for business, away from alarmist headlines is part of our responsibility as a trusted IT Managed Service Provider and Information Security Manager.


At Amicus ITS we know the threat of cyber attack is very real, not only for consumers, but public sector organisations, healthcare and the wider business community.  Cyber attacks are like a cancer, it doesn’t care where it strikes, or when, but generally does a lot of damage whoever the victim - and can have a lasting impact.


In our view, understanding data security is primary to crafting your cyber defences and a central pathway to the best countermeasures of attack.


As part of our thought leadership efforts, our Blog is our hub where we discuss five key cornerstone themes around our business: Managed Services, Security, Cloud + Mobility, Business Intelligence and Technology + Innovation.


The Blog reflects the main news stories we believe are of interest to our audiences and our technology industry as a whole.

All our articles are hand crafted and depict our point of view.

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